Fights air and


Fights heat
and cold.

Together, they knock out the elements

ZIP System® R-sheathing is the simple all-in-one structural panel with built-in exterior insulation. Featuring integrated moisture, air and thermal protection, ZIP System R-sheathing completely reimagines traditional wall assemblies by streamlining exterior water, air and thermal management.

  1. Built-In Exterior Insulation
  2. Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier
  3. Continuous Air Barrier
  4. Structural Durability
  • Built-In Exterior Insulation

    Built-In Exterior Insulation

    Designed to meet new energy codes, each panel features integrated continuous foam insulation to increase thermal performance and minimize thermal bridging.

  • Integrated water-resistive barrier

    Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier

    A built-in water-resistive barrier eliminates the need for housewrap and helps achieve a quick rough dry-in backed by a 180-day exposure guarantee1.

  • Continuous Air Barrier

    Continuous Air Barrier

    Taped seams create a continuous air barrier that helps prevent air leakage and protects insulation R-value as part of an energy-efficient enclosure.

  • Structural Durability

    Structural Durability

    The integrated sheathing system meets wall bracing requirements and contributes to shear wall assemblies. The engineered wood panel on the outside of the system provides a nailable, easy-to-flash base for cladding, trim and windows.

Panel Thickness

Select the right
panel thickness and length

ZIP System® R-sheathing has the exterior continuous insulation solution for your project, no matter the region. Choose from four thicknesses and three lengths – 8ft, 9ft and 10ft – to find the right panel for your job.

  • Panel Thickness 1 inch | R-value 3.6
  • Panel Thickness 1 -- 1 and 1/2 inches | R-value 6.6
  • Panel Thickness 2 inches | R-value 9.6
  • Panel Thickness 2 -- 2 and 1/2 inches | R-value 12.6

Code Requirements

Take the guesswork
out of code

Whether you’re building to new energy codes or trying to achieve higher thermal performance, we’ve collected the information you need to determine the right ZIP System® R-sheathing panel for your project.

  • Shear Values
    Shear Values

    Find fastening requirements to meet wall bracing and seismic- and wind-controlled wind values.

    • Single-Family
    • Multifamily
  • Climate Zone Requirements
    Climate Zone Requirements

    Choose the panel that’s right for your region with our climate zone requirements guide.

    • Single-Family
    • Multifamily
  • Code Reports
    Code Reports

    Download code compliance documentation.

    • UES Report
    • ICC-ES Report
    • CCMC Report


Two-step installation

From fastening guides to taping outside corners, download the Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions. For additional technical support, call 1.800.933.9220.

Installation Manual

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continuous insulation

Learn how to determine the right amount of exterior continuous insulation to ensure your project meets code.

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